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Established in 2005 Corporate Employee Benefits Network ("CEB") has evolved into a community for Companies, Unions, Associations, Charities or any Organization to provide their employees or members an exclusive network to receive Discounts and Expert Advice within the following portals:

Real Estate (Residential & Commercial)
Local Merchants & over 5000 National Merchants,
Health & Wellness

Membership has its advantages...Networking with fellow members as well as receiving discounts & expert advise from some of the leading companies in their field.  Click here to find out what people are saying.

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NOTE: If you have received information from your employer or organization that they are a participating member of CEB Network, click on the link "Employees Click Here to Register" and fill out the registration form. You will receive your own user name and will then be able to print your individual membership card.

CEB Members have access to thousands of dollars in discounts made available to them through their employers or organization.